Sunday, October 11, 2015

Math VS. Science

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Is math a part of science, is science a part of math, or are they related at all?
   This is the question that brings us here today. I think there are many ways that this idea can be looked at and approached. Now I am going to show why I think math and science are related by explaining science and showing the math within and analyzing math and showing the science inside.

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    When we work in science we follow the steps above and we reach a point in the processes that we have to take what we have found and interpret what the data has given us. In many if not all cases this data has some numerical data weather it be height, temperature, etc. This isn't the only time math shows up in science experiments, anytime you need to use a formula to find missing values you are using math in science. There you are using mathematical formulas to find out aspects of science you couldn't find before. Not only that but you also can use the data to find patterns in science to predict how future data would proceed.
   If we now look for science in math we see that math is the process of working with numbers and logic so once we have our answers from given formulas we can then make sense of the data. This step of applying a meaning to data is doing science and then understanding the math that comes out of it.
  Next by looking at both of them we can observe some very interesting overlap:

  •     Tables
    • What is the best way to show numerical data in a table? What do both scientists and mathematicians use to present there data? The answer is tables because it gives all the desired data in one neat form. Tables are used in other areas of study where they are showing data but other areas of study that use tables are taking data that was derived from either mathematical data or scientific research 
  •     Communication 
    • The ideas are meant to be shared with the public and have to be understandable by the general public. This means that their ideas have to be stated in ways that everyday people can understand. 
  •     Proof
    • For the topics to be believed by many others you have to have evidence proving that it is true. This is true in both math and science in both areas you have to be able to prove you reasoning and show that there is always a way to reproduce it. 
   If were to play devils advocate and had to defend why I thought that math and science weren't related I would have to bring up the idea of how you can work on just pure math problems that have no connection to any story. This is like when you work on non-story problems when it's just working through a problem. Science is a different story though I don't believe that you can do pure science without having math show up at some point in the experiment. So my devils advocate would be that you can have just math or science with a hint of math, because you have can't have science without math.
   I know that Science vs. Math is a personal question and we all have our own views on it but this post gives my views on why I think that they are codependent of each other. As you can see, the evidence that both math and science are heavily related is strong and stands for itself in many areas therefore it should be agreed with.


  1. Remember to cite or link your images & references. (I like this one, too.)

    Not sure about the idea that the same structures indicate relationship. Do other areas of thought use tables that you don't see as codependent?

    Complete: I'm interested in how you see science and math as different.

    clear, coherent, content, consolidated +

    1. But without the structure of what needs to be done where is the order. Because in math we have to follow steps and its the same in science do things out of order and we wont get the same out come. So to the structure is a very important aspect of what is needed in both math and science and they are very similar to what is needed