Wednesday, September 2, 2015

5 milestones of Math

What is math? This is a question that has been asked, you would think that being at the end of our math degrees we would have an answer to this but it is the most difficult question. So through this class and this blog I will be creating/thinking/learning what I believe the answer to this question is.
In the history of math there has been many major discoveries, but what are some of the main most important ones. I believe an important one would be discovery of infinity. This was a hard topic for many people to understand and even accept but is the most well known today. I think that without it there would be a completely different math world out there.
Throughout my college career I had to take Euclidean Geometry, which was unlike any other math class I have taken because it makes you think about things you can't automatically see or understand. The idea that there are more then just what we know as Geometry was a wide awakening to me. Which bring me to thinking that this is another major discovery in math of Euclidean.
We would have gotten no where in math without the basic operations of adding and subtraction. To me this was the very beginning of people learning and putting words with what they are doing. There are so many area of life that use these ideas and it to me would be the first and most important discovery.  
  Leading off of adding and subtracting I believe that multiplication and division would also be very important in our math history. Yes it is built of adding and subtracting but being able to use these idea really made math a more universal tool. 
Finally I think that in math when it comes to milestones that we need to know how to communicate what we know to others outside the math world. I believe that over the years we have become better and continue to get better at how it is communicated. I believe that milestone to be the opening up of the math word to the normal person.

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